Line O Matic Ignis RR 90

Reel Unwind Stand

Shaft less lifting
Ignis RR 90 Reel Unwind Stand

Slitting Unit

Pneumetically operated circular knives
Ignis RR90 Slitting Unit

Synchro Rotary Cutting Unit

Top & bottom rotary knives
Ignis RR 90 Synchro Rotary Cutting Unit

Counting & Collating Unit

Accurate sheet counting by servo
counting collating unit

Reel Fed Ream Wrapping Unit

Consistent & quality wrapped reams
Ignis RR 90 5 Reel Fed Ream Wrapping Unit
  • Meter logo Max. Speed* 200 Meters/Minute
  • Start Button Image Pockets 4 Maximum
  • CE logo

Cut Size Sheeter

  • Ignis RR90 I Ignis RR90 S

Ignis RR90 consist of shaft less unwinding one twin reel stand, de-curling unit, slitting unit, synchro rotary cutting unit, conveyor unit, collating unit, robot conveyor, ream wrapping unit, centralized control panel (PLC).

Paper Converters Needing
  • High quality end products
  • High level of automation
  • Precise cutting accuracy
  • Low production cost
  • Minimum manpower
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent wrapping quality
  • Higher profitability and longer life
  • Easy to operate & low in maintenance
  • Digital Batch Code Printer

Technical Specification

Model Ignis RR90 Ignis RR90 S
Web Speed** (meters/minute) 200 185
Ream Wrapping Strokes** (cycles/minute) 15 20
Reel Width (mm) 440 to 890 440 to 890
Reel Diameter (mm) 1400 1400
Reel Weight (Kgs.) 1300 1300
Core I.D. (mm) 76.2 76.2
No. of Pockets 4 4
Max. Knife Load (GSM) 400 400
Max. Cutting Width (mm) 840 840
Paper (GSM) 70 to 80 70 to 80
Production Capacity* (Tons for 24 hours working) Up to 20 Up to 40
**Number of paper reels will be used/configured based either on Max. Machine Speed or on Max. Ream Wrapping Strokes  
*Depending upon quality and GSM of paper  

Unitwise Features

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