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Ream Clamping & Pulling

Feeding of sorted & marked sheets
Ream Clamping Pulling

Wrapper Feeding, Trimming & Trim Rewind

Online & smooth operations
Wrapper Feeding Trimming Trim Rewind

Wrapper Cutting & Gluing

High Tightness of wrapping
Wrapper Cutting Gluing

Over & Side Wrapping

For accurate & quality wrapping
Wrapping Machine


For easy traceability

Stacking on Pallet

Consistent Output
Stacking On Pallet

  • Wrapping Speed* 12-15 Reams/Minute
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Folio Size Ream Wrapping Machine

  • FRM 15

FRM15 consist of ream loading roller conveyor, scissor lifter & transverse table, automatic wrapper feeding unit, ream wrapper unit, wrapper cutting unit, gluing unit, labeling unit conveyor, stacking unit with conveyor, empty pallet feeding conveyor, discharge conveyor & control panel.

Paper Mills
  • Wrapping material in reel form
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Quick size change
  • Precise wrapping
  • Labeling machine

Technical Specification

Model FRM 15
Wrapping Speed* (reams/minute) 12-15
Wrapping Paper Size a: Width - Flow direction 420 to 1200 mm
  b: Length - Cross direction 530 to 1400 mm
  c: Thickness - 15 to 80 mm
Wrapping Paper Reel Diameter (mm) Max. 1000
Paper Type Fine Paper, Coated Paper, Mat Paper, Board Paper
Paper (GSM) 30 to 600
Wrapper Paper Kraft Paper & Leminated Paper
Wrapper Paper GSM 70 to 90
Glue Hot Melt
Rec. Floor Space (L x W x H) (meters) 19 X 9 X 4

* Unwrapped ream weight 40 kgs with respect to a,b & c.

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Unitwise Features

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