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With Smart and Connected Machinery

The world is getting smarter, so why not our machinery? As part of our customer vision, we want to reduce your maintenance costs while improving machinery efficiencies. That’s why, LineOMatic's machines are equipped with our proprietary Line O matic Machine Monitoring Software (LMMS) software. LMMS can self-diagnose machine condition and detect potential issues on a real-time basis. Its data analytics feature provides comprehensive reporting so you can work towards your efficiency goals.

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LMMS is integrated with our Fully Automatic Machines. It monitors machine’s critical parameters constantly to provide real-time data to a cloud server via 2 MBPS internet connectivity. When deviations happen, an alert along with remedies for problem rectification is sent via SMS and email to predefined operators and supervisors in your company. Our Cloud-based software allows monitoring your machine from anytime, anywhere and provides you detailed reports.


Visualize real time machine data

With Alert Systems take necessary preventive actions to avoid any major breakdown

Precise and accurate information


  • Production Report
  • Machine on- off Report
  • Machine observation Report
  • Schedule report on Email
  • Maintenance notification on Email
  • Shift Wise Production Report
  • Preventive Alerts and Fault Reports


  • Remote monitoring of machine real time data
  • On the GO alerts are generated to avoid production loss or machine breakdown
  • Observation of historical data. Graphical Representation of Reports for better analysis
  • Maintenance reminders can be scheduled as required

Monitor Your Machine’s Performance with a single Click