Bunch Gathering Unit

Precise Counting with Uniform Stacking

Punching Unit

Sturdy Design with Multi Type Hole Punch Facility

Sheet form Inserter

Smooth insertion of covers

Control Panel

HMI/PLC with Online Connectivity

Separating & Cutting Unit

Heavy & Robust Design for Accurate Cutting

Paper Counting Unit

Counting Without Changing Gears

Printing Unit

One-piece Robust Structure With Self-aligned Bearings

Reel Unwind Stand

Shaftless Lifting
  • Speed* 300 Meters/Minute
  • Converting Strokes* 40 Cycles/Minute
  • Ups 5 Maximum

Automatic Filler Paper Machine

  • Prime RF104

Prime RF104 consist of reel unwinding stand, ruling or flexo printing tower, micro perforating unit, cross cutting unit, sheet overlapping unit, sheet counting and collating unit, one inserter for pre-printed title cover, hole punching unit, partition cutting unit, bunch gathering unit, straight conveyor, centralized control panel (PLC).

Paper Converters Needing
  • To wrap paper reams with higher quality
  • Low production cost
  • Minimum manpower
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent quality output
  • Longer life
  • Easy to operate & very low maintenance
Auto Splicer
  • Splicing speed - 90 m/min
Unisersal Round Corner Cutting Unit
  • Strokes - 50 cycles/min
In-Line Shrink Wrapping machine
  • Strokes - 50 / 80 cycles/min
Single / Double Ring Binding Unit
  • Strokes - 25 cycles/min

Technical Specification

Model PRIME RF104
Web Speed *(meters/minute) 300
Converting Stroke *(cycles/minute) 40
Number of Ups (max.) 5
Reel Width (mm) 400 to 1040
Printing Width (mm) 400 to 1030
Reel Diameter (mm) 1400
Core I.D. (mm) 76.2
Reel Weight (Kgs.) 1500 
Printing Tower 2 color Flexo unit each side
Printing Length (mm) 340 to 680 (Variation of 2.5 mm)
Cutting Length (mm) 210 to 340 (Variation of 2.5 mm)
Sheet Count 6 to 30
Paper (GSM) 45 to 70
Index & Title (GSM) 50 to 400
Max. Punching Thickness Capacity* (mm) 3 (2000 GSM)
Rec. Floor Space (L x W x H) (meters) 22 X 8 X 4
* Machine Speed and Converting Strokes will depend on bunch sheet count, cut size and GSM of the paper being used.

Shaftless Reel Unwind Stand with Reel Dia Sensor

Automatic Decurling system

Heavy Duty Printing Tower

Advance Paper Counting Unit

No Paper Bunch, No Title Cover

Waste Removal Suction Blower

Punching Unit

Book Separating Cutting Unit

Book Bunch Gathering Unit

Round Corner Cutting Unit

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