Nova B104E

Stitching Unit

Mechanical wire pulling
Novab Stitching Unit

Delivery Table

Variable stacking
Novab Delivery Table

Separating & Cutting Unit

Heavy & Robust design for accurate cutting
Novab Separating Cutting Unit

Control Panel

Counting without changing gears
Novab Control Panel

Bunch Conveyor Unit

Manual feeding
Line O Matic Novab Bunch Conveyor Unit
  • Arrow Image Converting Strokes* 50 Cycles/Minute
  • Start Button Image Ups 5 Maximum
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Automatic Exercise Book Binding Machine

  • Nova B104 E™

Automatic Exercise Book Binding Machine is for binding soft title cover staple pin type exercise notebook. It consist of manual bunch feeding table, wire stitching unit, folding unit, mechanical square back pressing unit, book front cutting unit, book separating cutting unit, book delivery table, waste removal suction blower, lubrication system and centralized control panel (PLC).

Staple Pin Notebook Manufacturers Needing
  • High output
  • High quality end product
  • Excellent quality output
  • Longer life
  • Easy to operate & very low maintenance
Universal Round Corner Cutting Unit
  • Strokes - 50 cycles/min

Technical Specification

Nova B104 E
Converting Strokes* (cycles/minute) 50
Number of Ups (max.) 5
Bunch Width (mm) 400 to 1040
Bunch Length (mm) 290 to 450
Sheet Bunch 4 to 50 sheets (16 to 200 pages )
Max. Stitching Thickness (mm) 5
Rec. Floor Space (L x W x H) (meters) 13 X 7 X 4
*Actual feeding speed depends on manpower skill.

Bunch Conveyor Unit

Wire Stitching Unit

Folding Unit

Mechanical Square Back Pressing Unit

Book Separating & Cutting Unit

Book Delivery Table

Control Panel

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