Automatic Exercise Book Machine Uno RB104

Line O Matic Automatic Exercise Book Machine consists of shaft based reel unwinding stand, ruling or flexo printing tower, cross cutting unit, sheet overlapping unit, sheet counting and collating unit, one inserter for pre-printed title covers, wire stitching unit, folding unit, square back pressing unit, book front cutting unit, book separating cutting unit with delivery Attachment, trim box for waste Collection, lubrication system & control panel.

Model Uno RB104
Web Speed* 200 meters per minute
Converting Strokes 40 per minute
Maximum Ups 4
Reel Width Maximum 1040 mm
Reel Width Minimum 400 mm
Reel Diameter 1200 mm
Rell Weight Maximum 800 Kgs
Colours[Printing units on each side] 2 Colours
Printing Width 400 mm to 1030 mm
Printing Length 290 mm to 450 mm
Cutting Length 290 to 450mm (variation of 5 mm)
Sheet Count Maximum 50 Sheets [200 Pages]
Sheet Count Minimum 4 Sheets [16 Pages]
Stitching Thickness -Maximum 5 mm
Floor Space [L*H*W] 22*8*4 [meters]
Connecting Load 26.52kw
Usage Load 19kw
*Machine speed and converting strokes will depend on reel width, GSM of paper, book size and number of pages per book.
  • Consistency in quality of books
  • Best in class branded inputs
  • Straight and smooth flow of production
  • Less maintenance & easy to operate with minimum manpower
  • Paper wastage minimization
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Integrated system for quality and performance